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INSTELCO offers the following services:

Domestic and Industrial installations
Overhead and underground mains lines, low tension and high tension
Telecoms installations
Digital and satellite television
Home automation
Electric door & gate installation
Sound systems
Submersible pumps & irrigation systems
Street lighting
Breakdowns and repairs
Energy management and advice
Applications, submissions and certification

INSTELCO specializes in electrical installation in houses, apartments, shops, and industrial premises. We install high and low tension supplies from the main grid, telephone lines, digital and satellite TV for private houses and entire apartment buildings.

We provide energy planning and complete internal installation for domestic and industrial buildings including air-conditioning, heating (including low-energy night storage heating). We also advise on and install sound systems in commercial and domestic buildings.

INSTELCO installs agricultural and domestic pumps for domestic water and irrigation for agriculture, gardens and public works.

INSTELCO provides advice on the best energy usage and most economical tarrifs and will assist with your project planning, official applications, contracts (the paperwork) all the way to your final certification. You can email us in English if you wish.
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