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1.- All electrical installations over 20 years must be inspected and re-certified. We can help you with this, OR you can get full details from the following Endessa website:

2. The end of the incandescent lightbulb is coming...

Someone said that a conventional electric light bulb is actually just "an electrical heater that happens to produce light"....

Indeed, we waste an enormous amount of energy and CO2 producing lots of heat and .... only a little light. The incandescent bulb is 130 years old and its day has come!

80 per cent of bulbs in European homes are inefficient, wasteful "incandescent" bulbs. But, for around 30 years, an altogether better option has been available to us - the energy saving bulb, or the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp).

CFLs use five times less energy, lasts up to 12 times longer (and could save UK consumers around £1.2 billion in electricity bills per year. If all domestic bulbs in the UK were CFLs, the we could cut our CO2 emissions by over five million tonnes - more than the CO2 emitted by 26 of the world's lowest emitting countries combined.) And of course, this applies to Spain as well.

CFLs have been gaining ground around the world. Here are are some of the nations who've already banned, or are committed to phasing out, old power crazy bulbs:

Ireland (2009)
Australia (2010)
Argentina, Russia, Canada (2012)
USA, Malaysia (2014)

Others like Brazil, Venezuela , Switzerland the EU and India have taken big steps to cut back.

India's plan to replace 400 million incandescent bulbs with CFLs by 2014 will save an estimated 55 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Time to replace the bulbs!

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